November 30, 2020

Kids Paddle Board – How To Choose The Correct Size.

Paddle-boarding is a fun activity for your kids to enjoy the water in the outdoors. They can explore the marine world and exercise as they play around in the water. Even better, they can enjoy different types of activities on a paddleboard such as surfing, fishing, or yoga poses depending on their experience level.

However, your kids can only enjoy paddle-boarding if you invest in the right size of paddleboard for their weight. You should give your kids something with enough stability and floatation to support their height, weight, and paddling skills for the best experience. When buying a paddleboard in the right size, you should focus on the volume, length, width, and thickness of the hoard.

It might seem a little overwhelming to choose a paddleboard for your kids in the right size. However, you can use this guide to make the decision a little easier on you as a parent.

The Weight

A paddleboard should be able to carry your child’s weight on the water effortlessly. Most of the paddleboard manufacturers in the market today have a size chart to indicate the maximum weight that a paddleboard can hold. If a paddleboard can’t support your child’s weight, it will feel unstable and often ride too low on the water. Even worse, you should expect that the paddleboard will sink underneath your child in the water.

As such, when buying a paddleboard for your child, you should check the maximum weight capacity to determine whether it’s the best one for your child or not. You should opt for a paddleboard that supports surplus weight to make the whole experience more enjoyable for your kids.

Even better, if your kids can all get on one paddleboard together with the family dog, you should be able to do so by buying a paddleboard that supports the extra weight effortlessly. With the extra weight capacity, the paddleboard should be able to keep you safe on the water, buoyant and stable.

Type Of Activity

When buying a paddleboard for your kids, you need to consider the type of activity they will be doing on the water. For instance, if they want to surf, you should opt for a shorter paddleboard with a narrow tail and nose. On the other hand, if you want to do some yoga poses on the water with your kids, you should opt for a wide board, especially one about 31 to 33 inches.

On the other hand, if there is some touring or racing involved, you need to choose a board that maintains the course throughout the activity. Choose one with less drag. The best paddleboards for racing or touring are narrow and long (about 12ft).

Don’t forget, if you are looking for a paddleboard to be used specifically by your kids on the water alone, you should choose something that’s below 10ft long. The smaller paddleboards for kids are about 8 ft long. That’s because they are easy to maneuver compared to the longer boards.

If your kids are beginners to paddle-boarding, you should choose all-around paddleboards. They are usually 9 to 11 feet long and about 30 to 32 inches in width. The nose section is rounded and tall with a greater volume. They are also more stable compared to paddleboards.

Simply put, before buying a paddleboard for your kids or the whole family, you need to consider the type of activity you will be doing in the water. That way, you can choose the right paddleboard for the job and have an unforgettable time on the water.


Did you know that your kid’s height also plays a huge role when choosing the right size of paddleboard for them? Yes, since your kids are short, they have a lower center of gravity compared to the taller people when it comes to riding the paddleboard. Taller kids often have a hard time maintaining balance on the paddleboard compared to the shorter ones.

Therefore, when buying a paddleboard for your kids, you should match the width to the height of the paddleboard. If your kids are taller, you should opt for a wider paddleboard. If you are shorter, you should choose a narrow paddleboard. Shorter people find their balance properly on the narrow paddleboard, so you should choose this one for your kids.

Note that if you buy a big paddleboard for your short kids, they will stretch their arms wide to the side to get the paddle to strike the water. As a result, there will be improper strokes, and your kids will not enjoy paddle-boarding. Even worse, they might ignore the activity altogether. If you want the best results out of a family paddle-boarding event, you should choose a paddleboard that fits perfectly with your kid’s height.

Paddleboard Thickness

Once you have the perfect width and length, the next thing to consider when buying a paddleboard for your kids is the thickness. Keep in mind that a board’s thickness will affect the weight capacity and volume. Thin paddleboards have a lower volume than thick ones. Therefore, they can carry more load than thick ones.


Paddleboards are available as inflatables or solids. The latter are durable, but inflatable boards save a lot of space when packing for a trip to the water with your kids.

With these tips, the next paddle-boarding event with your kids in the water will be unforgettable. Choose the right paddleboards for the most unforgettable event.